Schlosstheater Celle, Germany

Work Opportunity in Music, Performing Arts

Оплачуване стажування для музикантів та акторів.
Допомога з пошуком житла.

Andreas Döring Intendant -
Andrea Hoffmann -

The Schlosstheater Celle, supported by a non-profit association, has three venues and stages in the Residenzschloss (Schlosstheater venue with 300 seats, two studio stages (45 seats)) and a summertheatre stage in the palace courtyard as well as Hall 19 (150 seats). With its permanent ensemble (16 players), the palace theater puts on a diverse program with over 20 new productions each season, including new plays and productions for children as a youth theatre. (The team of around 100 employees brings more than 500 events to its stages and to external venues in the region every year, reaching almost 90,000 guests before the pandemic.

The Schlosstheater Celle sees itself as an approachable theater for the region that wants to open up a view of the world and, in doing so, enters into diverse cooperations with regional partners.

Andreas Döring