PEN America's Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), United States

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Список глобальних ресурсів для українських митців, професіоналів культури, науковців та студентів. Де шукати кошти на надзвичайні ситуації, ресурси для евакуації, можливості стипендій та проживання, ресурси цифрової безпеки, ресурси для науковців та студентів, та інші корисні ресурси.

The Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), a project of PEN America, safeguards the right to artistic freedom of expression and ensures that artists and cultural professionals everywhere can live and work without fear. We assist persecuted artists by connecting them to our growing global network of 800+ resources from arts and culture and human rights organizations and can help artists to find and apply for residencies, fellowships, and scholarships, as well as other forms of assistance.

We have also compiled on our website a list of global resources for Ukrainian artists, cultural practitioners, scholars, and students, including emergency funds, evacuation resources, fellowship and residency opportunities, digital security resources, resources for scholars and students, and a compilation of other resource lists.

Jessica Sun