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Тимчасова інтеграція дослідників з України в дослідницькі проекти, що фінансуються FWF

This measure serves to provide support for Ukrainian researchers who have fled Ukraine or who are unable to return to Ukraine because of the war. These persons may be employed in ongoing FWF projects for a maximum of 12 months on the basis of requests for additional funding.

Target group
Researchers, including technical personnel

Refugees with Ukrainian citizenship
Ukrainian citizens who have resided in Austria for a maximum of 2 years
Maximum number of persons per FWF project: 2
Maximum duration of employment: 12 months per person
Eligible funding categories

All funding categories that include the option of funding project personnel (except for the Schrödinger Programme)

Application materials

Free-form explanation of research content (maximum 3 pages including figures and tables) with consideration of the following aspects:
Competences of the person(s) in relation to the planned activities in the project
Involvement of the person(s) in the project (incl. tasks within the project)
Contribution of the person(s) regarding the objectives of the project
Requested costs as per FWF standard rates
Free-form CV(s) of the person(s) to be employed
Passport copy (copies)
Free-form confirmation by the research institution that the person(s) can be employed
Copy of a blue residence care („Ausweis für Vertriebene“) or copy of a valid residence title (regardless of the expiry date)
Requests for additional funding are accepted continuously.

Please submit your proposal with all documents via the project-specific elane account under “Additional applications (including changes and further submissions)”.