Apdcm, Dancers' Profesional Association, Madrid, Spain, Spain

Free Lessons in Performing Arts

Інформування про кастинги.
Юридична допомога в укладанні робочих контрактів.
Безкоштовні щоденні балетні класи.

We were contacted by Polina Bulat, a Dance Journalist and Cultural Manager, who is seeking for help in Spain for dancers who had to leave Ukraine because of the war.
After meeting her online, we called a meeting of our federation Danza-T Red de Trabajadores de la Danza, to which the dancers' associations from all over the country belong: we were thinking together how we could support dance artists refugees that are coming here, being realistic with the resources we can provide.
In Madrid, our local Dancer's Association can provide grants for daily ballet classes, to ensure dancers can keep in good shape for auditions, depending on the available capacity. We can provide information about auditions and provide legal advice in case they would get a job offer. On voluntary bases of our affiliates, we can put in contact those who are in need and those, who are offering support to help them and provide emotional support.
According to our limited resources our goal should be in first place, to provide refugee dancers solutions to keep routines, maintain health, fine-tuned, complex coordination, strength, stamina, and readiness for performances or auditions.
The goal is to prevent the artists to lose the connection to their art form and keeping the door to their professional future in dance securely open until their situation is consolidated; anyhow we have to be honest and clarify that Dance job market in Spain is not so wide as it is in northern and central Europe.

César Casares