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Мистецька резиденція.
забезпечимо проживання та фінансову підтримку перебування. Кожен художник буде підтриманий відповідно до його індивідуальних потреб.
Формальних зобов’язань не буде, ми раді підтримати вашу мистецьку практику будь-яким можливим способом.
Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara

Romanian Solidarity Action for Ukrainian Artists
Supported by the Association of Romanian Contemporary Art Galleries
Considering all the recent political events, now as never before we must unite against Russian aggression and remain strongly committed to supporting Ukraine. We consider that the best we can do from abroad for Ukrainian local art scene is to create opportunities for artists and practitioners to live and work in safe places, in a caring and supportive community.
We are inviting artists in the areas of the visual and performing arts, film-making, research, sound or any other disciplines to be part of this programme that will take place in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara starting today, February 24.
We will provide accommodation and financial support during the stay. Each artist will be supported according to their individual needs.
There will be no formal obligations, but we are happy to support your artistic practice in any possible way.
Due to this state of emergency, please only send us your interest to:
Please contact us if you need any other details!
Association of Romanian Contemporary Art Galleries