DeVIR/CAPa, Portugal

Advice, Open Call for Residency, Shelter, Workspace in Performing Arts

Мистецька резиденція тривалістю 6 місяців:
Проживання - спальня, спільна ванна кімната та кухня, пральня
Робоче місце - студія, wi-fi. 
Фінансова підтримка - 20€/день

"We are a DeVIR/CAPa (Faro, Portugal) a centre dedicated to support artists through artistic residencies. We don’t have a company and in normal situations we receive artistic teams that come to develop their projects from a maximum of 15 days.
Due to the circumstances, and for the first time, we decided to open a long-term residency, with a 6 months length, to host a refugee artist from Ukraine. We can provide accommodation (bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen, laundry) and working space (studio, wi-fi). You can have an idea of the space here.
We are a small team, involved in several artistic projects, but we don’t have a specific project for you to be part of immediately. As we have the space conditions and the possibility of giving some financial support (20€/day), we just wanted to offer a contribute to help in the way we can in this difficult moment. Please let us know what are your expectations. 
It’s also important that you let us know what is your current situation: location, if you have any idea of how to get to Portugal (maybe we can offer some help with the travel), are you documented, urgent needs and any other thing that you feel it’s important to share with us.
We have several applications and unfortunately, we can only help one artist.
We wait for you feedback as soon as possible and we will let you know about our decision asap.

Kind regards."

José Laginha - Artistic Director

José Laginha